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Fine Art Photography Exhibit Show of Cuba on Sunday November 19th @ 12-5PM

Travel through time and see the Cuban life first hand with Parvez S Imagery as he takes you into another world with his visual photography mastery and with an exquisite touch of story-telling.
Limited tickets here: https://suenoscubanos.eventbrite.com

Witness on November 19th at a Private gallery location in Los Angeles, California as fine arts Photographer extraordinaire, Parvez, will be holding a new art exhibition of the fascinating Cuban life and landscape. You will be privileged to experience Cuban culture, beauty, life and struggles through Parvez’s remarkable artistry. You will have so many stories to learn and tell about the Cuban heritage over the course of its unseen 50 years’ existence as a civilized nation frozen in time after seeing this exhibition.

Sueños Cubano – which means the Cuban Dreams, is a fitting title to this art exhibition. You will have the opportunity to feel the Cuban life’s beauty, struggles and dreams as the natives feel.

Parvez’s style of artistic composition has attracted a wide audience of clientele from around the world, including the Spaniard Cathedrals, Italian Tourism board, and even high-profile names such as Oprah Winfrey, Linkin Park, and Nick Cannon. He was recently published through ICON Publications Ltd. on the F2 Cameracraft Magazine. Parvez has a rare gift for capturing full-tonal range and shadows of environments that immerses his audience with a sense of epic majesty and emotion. This will be evident to you on that very day of Sueños Cubano.

Art lovers and enthusiasts wouldn’t want to miss this for the world. So if you’re in or around California, come out that day and be part of this history. Mark down your calendars folks.

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