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Landscapes of History - Exhibition
December 15th 2018

Ever wanted to see and hear the stories of the most sacred locations of the world? Bring a friend and have a glass of wine for a unique evening.

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Come along with Parvez on a euphoric adventure around Europe, in pursuit of awakening the rich, mysterious history that lives in old world stories. The visual artistry of his photography is an intoxicating adventure of life, values, and history.

Parvez has a rare gift for capturing full-tonal range and shadows of environments that immerses his audience with a sense of epic majesty and emotion.

Art lovers and enthusiasts wouldn’t want to miss this for the world. So if you’re in or around California, come out that day and be part of this history. Mark down your calendars folks.

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Start the journey with Parvez as a lone traveler in search of the world's historical moments as captured like a timeless painting

  • Thailand

    Enter the spiritual lands of Buddha and the people of Thailand

  • Suenos Cubano

    Journey into the far lands and villages of Cuba and witness the beauty, life and struggles of this un-tapped civilization as its frozen in time to 50 years ago still today

  • Portugal

    Visualize the centuries of European history in Portugal of once the epicenter of European trade and empires

"There's still magic in this world."