About the Artist

Based in Los Angeles, California, Parvez is an Artist with a passion for visual storytelling. Following Parvez’s intimate experience through the Old World will take you on a euphoric adventure around the world. The visual artistry of his photography is an intoxicating adventure of life, values, and history.

His style is unmistakable; Parvez has a rare gift for capturing full-tonal range and shadows of environments that imbue his audience with a sense of epic majesty and emotion. His style of artistic composition has attracted a wide audience of clientele from around the world, including the Spaniard Cathedrals, Italian Tourism board, and even high-profile names such as Oprah Winfrey, Linkin Park, and Nick Cannon. The success of his visual style derives from his passion for history and storytelling through the magic of imagery. This drive often leads him to spending weeks, or even months, wandering alone off the beaten paths to locations throughout the far corners of our world, despite the rigors of weather and logistical nightmares.

His career advanced when he received a lifetime opportunity to shoot for the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) show called 'Operation Change' in the Maasai Land of Tanzania, Africa. This is where he realized there are much deeper values of life to be taught and cultivated in our modern world. Parvez’s experience in Africa was the awakening to his calling in life. His objective became to teach people the values that matter most and the lessons that can be learned from stories of the Old World.

Parvez was recently published through ICON Publications Ltd. on F2 Cameracraft, a widely distributed (Europe, Dubai & Eastern United States) magazine that recognizes selected creative artists worldwide. He received a four-page feature plus a headline on the issue’s cover.

Classical Landscape Impressionists such as Claude Monet, JMW Turner and Casper David Friedrich are greatly influenced of Parvez’s sense of imagination and composition. Photographers such as Ansel Adams work taught him unique photographic techniques, which has led to one of his finest skills – high quality museum archival printing. Parvez stands by his motto: 'It’s not art till you print it like art.' He is meticulous when examining dynamic range, ink pigments, and archival canvases used for his master fine art prints. He believes that a true artist should deliver a masterpiece from ideation to completion of a museum quality archival print.

Some may say that it is Parvez’s mastery of compositional capture or his iconic control over tonal range that separates him from other artists. But ultimately it’s a unique combination of storytelling and fine art printing that distinguishes him and creates that ever-memorable imagery in the minds and heart of the viewers. One can experience this priceless adventure once he/she walks through a Parvez S Imagery gallery.

"Parvez S Imagery ranked #3 within top 7 Fine Arts Photographers in Los Angeles"