Custom Archival Inking Process

'It's not art, till it's inked like art'

The first thing people will notice about Parvez's inking technique, it looks like a scene from a distant dream and as though you are actually there. His master pieces evoke emotion and imagination of a timeless capture. It's a unique combination of the compositional capture and the process of his fine art custom ink. In the olden days, artists completed their final masterpieces from ideation to the final canvas painting. Parvez believes in staying true to the originality of the art creation process. All of Parvez's masterpieces are hand created in-house by himself with his machinery and custom inking process.

Lights and shadows of the eyes. The beauty of this world has an immense color palette and a huge dynamic range that the human eye can barely capture. Using film cameras can be trickier to capture such beauty in our world. Parvez uses a unique technique that results in imagery that can capture the full tonal range that we perceive with our eyes. This systematic technique took years to perfect and its derived from the world renouned DR master himself, Ansel Adams. Parvez then translates his techniques to a master archival print with all of the tonal values that can appear to the human eye. And on specific pieces he adds a touch of his own visceral look to convey the emotion of the location and moment.

Parvez is meticulous when examining dynamic range, ink pigments and archival canvases used for his master fine arts pieces. It took him years in laboratory trials of creating custom pigment inks and in combination of testing 30-50 international fine art canvases to yield the perfect combination of the fine arts museum archival prints.

'My custom pigment ink and French canvas combination meets the standard of FATG (Fine Arts Trade Guild) from Europe. They are the Vatican of printing standards.'

Parvez utilizes the finest French imported museum archival canvas and photo rag paper that are acid-free, lignin-free and is non-OBA based. The materials are certified by FATG (Fine Arts Trade Guild) and rated to 150 years archival prior to varnish. In combination, he uses a customized archival pigment ink with multiple layer of varnishing techniques that is invisible to the human eye. All of which is done by hand by Parvez.

The most important reasons for using pigment inks are archival print life and color stability. Pigment inks are made of microscopic solid particles that are suspended in a liquid. These encapsulated particles actually bond to the surface of a paper or substrate. Pigment inks are much more stable than other ink types and can last more than 200 years on some paper types under ideal (museum-quality lighting and framing) conditions, according to testing done by Wilhelm Imaging Research. Case example is atmospheric pollutants, as Wilhelm terms gases like ozone, can quickly break down dye inks, whereas pigment inks is superior in resistant to these pollutants.

Extensive independent testing by an UKAS accredited laboratory has concluded that materials used by Parvez S Imagery meets and exceeds the standards set forth by the Fine Art Trade Guild for pH and lightfastness. The Fine Art Trade Guild has established these standards in order to protect the interests of true art collectors. Consumers who follow the Blue Wool Testing and the Fine Art Trade Guild standards can be confident that the masterpieces will pass from generation to generation.

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