Adam & Eve

Night is beginning to fall as I stroll along the waters of Cuba’s seawall, the Malecon. I see these weathered buildings, with arches of cracked stone. This is a ghost town, a forgotten relic of days long-past. As these thoughts fill my mind, a young couple emerge onto the balcony. I stand a moment and watch them, a voyeur in plain sight, but my presence, my gaze, my very being are of no importance to the lovers above. They see only each other. Overcome with passion, they kiss, holding each other close. They connect with an intensity that tells me this whole ancient world could crumble down around them and they would go on, in each other’s arms, their hearts beating as one. This is no ghost town. It is a town kept alive by passion. They are Adam and Eve and the world is born anew, each night, in their love .

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"Parvez S Imagery ranked #3 within top 7 Fine Arts Photographers in Los Angeles"